Shop Till You Drop

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Shopping for Deals

Nowadays, people are shopping at department stores less and less. And they are shopping at discount stores more and more. This is due to a few factors. The first factor is that wages are slowly increasing. That means wages for store workers. Because stores pay their workers more, even if it’s a little bit, they have to raise the prices of their products and clothes.

Another factor is the rise of online merchants. Amazon is the big elephant in the room. Amazon started out by selling books. Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO, later found that he could pretty much sell anything on the website for a profit. Because of this, he eventually got into selling clothes. Amazon now accounts for a large portion of the online clothing market share.

A third reason people are shopping less at department stores is that the price of clothes is cheaper elsewhere. I don’t understand why someone would pay $50 for a pair of jeans when they can spend $20 for the same pair. And this is exactly why some people have started to shop at stores to TJ Maxx and Ross. At TJ Maxx and Ross, clothing is significantly marked down in price. Everyone loves a deal! And there is no reason to spend more money on clothes.

They sell more than clothes at TJ Maxx and Ross. These stores also offer food items like cookies, sugar, and coffee. They offer toys for children. This might be why children enjoy going to these types of stores. These stores also sell shoes. They have something for everyone! And this is why these stores are always busy. Just go to one to witness this fact. And don’t forget to try on some clothes! You won’t regret it. Maybe bring a friend or two to make the shopping experience a little bit more fun.

An Update to Christmas Gifts

Last week, when I wrote about Christmas gifts, I was not even close to being ready for the holiday. Now, one week later, I am almost finished! It’s a great feeling to get things done, and I don’t have to think about it. I normally don’t leave things to the last minute. But I’ve been pretty busy this year. Maybe next year I’ll get all of my shopping done weeks in advance. Or maybe I’ll make it even easier for myself. Maybe I’ll purchase gifts throughout the year for friends and family! That way, I’ll be prepared months in advance.

I purchased about 9 or 10 gifts this year. And that’s not counting all of the gift cards I bought. For my family, I bought some Starbucks gift cards. But that’s not all I got them. I consider those more of a “stocking-stuffer”. Who doesn’t like coffee? Well, not everyone does like coffee. But it’s a great gift card! All of my family enjoys a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning to help them wake up. The other gifts were kind of all over the place.

I purchased clothes, such as shirts or sweatshirts. I bought face cream. And I purchased a Lego set, among other things. I hope everyone loves what I got them. Or, I hope, at least, that they like my gifts. Christmas is more than presents, to my family. And that’s what matters the most.

But what about me? Oh, wow, I didn’t even think about what I might get this year. I never expect much. Maybe that’s why I enjoy my gifts so much. I’m always happy with my gifts. Even when I was a child, and received a video game system, I was thankful. Well, what kind of kid doesn’t like video games? I suppose it’s more of a guy thing. But I was the happiest child ever to receive videos games for Christmas!

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is right around the corner. We have just over one week until the holiday. And I’m not finished buying Christmas gifts! Actually, I barely started. Of some 8 gifts, I need to purchase, I have only purchased 1 of them. I better hurry up.

I missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m not sure why! I think I was fairly busy these days. On both of them, I was working. However, I remember hearing about the sales extending through the weekend. So, what are my options now? Well, I can still look online for deals. I suppose the first thing I should do is identify what types of gifts I want to purchase. Then, I could compare prices at different stores and online.

I normally wait until about a week before Christmas. I suppose I want to see if anything new comes out. Maybe I can hear about some gifts people might like. If I buy a gift for someone, but I find out they like something else, I might have to return what I bought that person.

I enjoy buying gifts online. Actually, I think most people like buying gifts online. Well, that depends on what it is. I find clothes a little bit easier to buy in person. If it’s something that I need to physically hold, I will shop around in stores. If it’s something like a book or DVD, I might buy the product online. Online shopping is great especially if it’s nasty outside in regards to weather or snow. When it gets closer to Christmas, there is a higher chance it might snow outside.

The clock is ticking for me! Now that I’ve remembered to buy Christmas gifts, I think I’ll start. If I buy them online, I should have them all in a few days. Then, all of my shopping will be done well before Christmas.

The Shopping Spree

I’ve never been on a shopping spree. I don’t necessarily need to go on one. At the same time, I need many new outfits. As a matter of fact, I might need a whole new wardrobe.

I really don’t spend much money on clothes. I did spend nearly $200 on running shoes earlier this year. However, I run a lot and expensive shoes last longer. They might eventually pay for itself. I’m hoping that these running shoes last at least a few years. After about 6 months, they still feel new. Perhaps that’s because I only use them for running and nothing else!

When I think about going on a shopping spree, I think in terms of clothes. I don’t really think in terms of buying things such as movies or electronics. I need clothes. I don’t need the latest movie released last week. I think the average age of my clothing is about 4 years. Sure, I purchase a new item here and there. But I think my closet needs a change.

Therefore, I think I might plan my first shopping spree! But I’ll do it responsibly. I won’t use a credit card. All I need to do is work a little extra and spend a little less. Instead of getting coffee and the local shop I can make my own. I could probably save $50 a month by doing that. Instead of eating out, I could just cook at home. I could probably save a couple hundred dollars by doing that. And I could work an extra few days.

Once I do these things I’ll be ready. It’s exciting to think that I’ll have a closet full of new clothes. And because I’ll do it responsibly, it makes it all the better. It’s probably a good idea to do this once every few years. And for me, that time is now.

Best Tips on Shopping Online For Kids

Shopping online for your children can be a little challenging. Neither can you touch the fabrics nor will you get the opportunity to speak to the manager? Therefore, you may have many questions in mind while you’re shopping online.


Will this cloth fit my child? Is the fabric comfortable? Is it going to be a safe and secure transaction? What if the online store fails to deliver the product on time? How can I change the product if it doesn’t fit my kid? Keep reading this post to get some great tips to enjoy a great online shopping experience.





Before you start shopping online, you should always check whether it is a safe and secure site. This will ensure a safe transaction. You just need to check the URL to make sure that the website is secure. A safe and secure website always have an HTTPS URL.


Go through the feedback of the online store. There are many review websites online where you can find the feedback/reviews from the customers. If the site has many complaints against them, you should avoid buying from them. You just have to type the “NAME OF THE STORE” + REVIEW in the major search engines.


For instance, BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU is another great site to find the complaints against the store. Learn about the clothing brand available in the online store. What kind of brands they have? Is it reputed?





What’s the fabric? A reputed and established online store will always give detailed descriptions of the product so that the consumer gets a clear idea of what they should expect.


A picture can tell you everything. Nowadays, most of the websites usually give you the zooming option to see the products.





Do they have a shipping policy? How many days will they take to deliver the product? Will they charge any price for delivery? There are some online stores which offer free shipping, and others who charge a very small amount for shipping.


What kind of return policies they have? A good return policy will allow you to return the product if it doesn’t fit. A standard policy will give you 30 days duration to return the products with the tags attached to them. Many websites also charge for return shipping.





It is essential to know the size and measurements of your child. Another important thing to keep in mind is that every brand has a different size- so it can be a challenging task for you to find the right one. If you know the perfect measurements of your child, it will become easier for you to find the right size.


Online stores also provide a sizing chart, therefore you can easily choose the best size for your child. Keep all these great tips in mind to make the right choice.


Good luck!



Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Of all the days of the year, there are two which are the best days to shop. These days are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The best part is that the days are so close together. Many stores and outlets have extended their sales to a few days before and a few days after. That means for nearly a week a shopper can find amazing deals.

Almost anything is on sale these days. Computers, books, clothing, and beds, among other things, are among some of what a shopper can find on sale.

There is only one issue with Black Friday in particular. Shopping will have to navigate the long times and crowds! Depending on the store, there might be a line outside before it opens. Likewise, there might be long lines at the cash register for shoppers looking to check out. Cyber Monday was created partly to alleviate the factors that sometimes come with Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is my favorite shopping day. I can shop for whatever I want from the comfort of my own home. All I need is my laptop or smartphone and I’m ready to start shopping. Another good thing about buying products online is that I’m able to compare prices and find the lowest cost for an item. I don’t have to drive many miles to different store locations to compare products or prices. Shopping online is a more efficient way to shop.

One of the only reasons I would shop in person, on Black Friday, would be to try on clothing. I can’t try a shirt on if I see it on my computer screen! Even if the shirt is less expensive online, I prefer to shop in person so I can find the best fit. To learn more about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, watch the video below.