Of all the days of the year, there are two which are the best days to shop. These days are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The best part is that the days are so close together. Many stores and outlets have extended their sales to a few days before and a few days after. That means for nearly a week a shopper can find amazing deals.

Almost anything is on sale these days. Computers, books, clothing, and beds, among other things, are among some of what a shopper can find on sale.

There is only one issue with Black Friday in particular. Shopping will have to navigate the long times and crowds! Depending on the store, there might be a line outside before it opens. Likewise, there might be long lines at the cash register for shoppers looking to check out. Cyber Monday was created partly to alleviate the factors that sometimes come with Black Friday.

Cyber Monday is my favorite shopping day. I can shop for whatever I want from the comfort of my own home. All I need is my laptop or smartphone and I’m ready to start shopping. Another good thing about buying products online is that I’m able to compare prices and find the lowest cost for an item. I don’t have to drive many miles to different store locations to compare products or prices. Shopping online is a more efficient way to shop.

One of the only reasons I would shop in person, on Black Friday, would be to try on clothing. I can’t try a shirt on if I see it on my computer screen! Even if the shirt is less expensive online, I prefer to shop in person so I can find the best fit. To learn more about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, watch the video below.