Nowadays, people are shopping at department stores less and less. And they are shopping at discount stores more and more. This is due to a few factors. The first factor is that wages are slowly increasing. That means wages for store workers. Because stores pay their workers more, even if it’s a little bit, they have to raise the prices of their products and clothes.

Another factor is the rise of online merchants. Amazon is the big elephant in the room. Amazon started out by selling books. Jeff Bezos, the founder, and CEO, later found that he could pretty much sell anything on the website for a profit. Because of this, he eventually got into selling clothes. Amazon now accounts for a large portion of the online clothing market share.

A third reason people are shopping less at department stores is that the price of clothes is cheaper elsewhere. I don’t understand why someone would pay $50 for a pair of jeans when they can spend $20 for the same pair. And this is exactly why some people have started to shop at stores to TJ Maxx and Ross. At TJ Maxx and Ross, clothing is significantly marked down in price. Everyone loves a deal! And there is no reason to spend more money on clothes.

They sell more than clothes at TJ Maxx and Ross. These stores also offer food items like cookies, sugar, and coffee. They offer toys for children. This might be why children enjoy going to these types of stores. These stores also sell shoes. They have something for everyone! And this is why these stores are always busy. Just go to one to witness this fact. And don’t forget to try on some clothes! You won’t regret it. Maybe bring a friend or two to make the shopping experience a little bit more fun.