Christmas is right around the corner. We have just over one week until the holiday. And I’m not finished buying Christmas gifts! Actually, I barely started. Of some 8 gifts, I need to purchase, I have only purchased 1 of them. I better hurry up.

I missed Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I’m not sure why! I think I was fairly busy these days. On both of them, I was working. However, I remember hearing about the sales extending through the weekend. So, what are my options now? Well, I can still look online for deals. I suppose the first thing I should do is identify what types of gifts I want to purchase. Then, I could compare prices at different stores and online.

I normally wait until about a week before Christmas. I suppose I want to see if anything new comes out. Maybe I can hear about some gifts people might like. If I buy a gift for someone, but I find out they like something else, I might have to return what I bought that person.

I enjoy buying gifts online. Actually, I think most people like buying gifts online. Well, that depends on what it is. I find clothes a little bit easier to buy in person. If it’s something that I need to physically hold, I will shop around in stores. If it’s something like a book or DVD, I might buy the product online. Online shopping is great especially if it’s nasty outside in regards to weather or snow. When it gets closer to Christmas, there is a higher chance it might snow outside.

The clock is ticking for me! Now that I’ve remembered to buy Christmas gifts, I think I’ll start. If I buy them online, I should have them all in a few days. Then, all of my shopping will be done well before Christmas.