Last week, when I wrote about Christmas gifts, I was not even close to being ready for the holiday. Now, one week later, I am almost finished! It’s a great feeling to get things done, and I don’t have to think about it. I normally don’t leave things to the last minute. But I’ve been pretty busy this year. Maybe next year I’ll get all of my shopping done weeks in advance. Or maybe I’ll make it even easier for myself. Maybe I’ll purchase gifts throughout the year for friends and family! That way, I’ll be prepared months in advance.

I purchased about 9 or 10 gifts this year. And that’s not counting all of the gift cards I bought. For my family, I bought some Starbucks gift cards. But that’s not all I got them. I consider those more of a “stocking-stuffer”. Who doesn’t like coffee? Well, not everyone does like coffee. But it’s a great gift card! All of my family enjoys a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning to help them wake up. The other gifts were kind of all over the place.

I purchased clothes, such as shirts or sweatshirts. I bought face cream. And I purchased a Lego set, among other things. I hope everyone loves what I got them. Or, I hope, at least, that they like my gifts. Christmas is more than presents, to my family. And that’s what matters the most.

But what about me? Oh, wow, I didn’t even think about what I might get this year. I never expect much. Maybe that’s why I enjoy my gifts so much. I’m always happy with my gifts. Even when I was a child, and received a video game system, I was thankful. Well, what kind of kid doesn’t like video games? I suppose it’s more of a guy thing. But I was the happiest child ever to receive videos games for Christmas!